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International Half Marathon of Two Pearls

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Run in a natural environment of incomparable beauty

Sunday, 1rd February 2015

A half marathon, 21.097 kilometers immersed in one of the most beautiful in Italy: on the one hand, the sound of the sea, one the other side the green pines of Mount Portofino.

Competition, full of competitive spirit, where every athlete is encouraged to improve their time and to aspire to long-awaited victory.

The International Half Marathon of two pearls has in his Hall of Fame the leading interpreters of the Italian marathon: Stefano Baldini, James Leone, Ottavio Andriani, Daniele Meucci, Ruggero Pertile, Dennis Curzi, Daniele Caimmi and in the women’s Bruna Genovese, Ornella Ferrara Valeria Straneo, Emma Quaglia, Gloria Mancini.

No shortage of thousands of runners, from all Italian regions, they are the real soul of this half marathon.

The route, relatively flat, with interesting curves and very light gradients, makes it even more technical, departing from Santa Margherita Ligure.

The race takes place in one of the most suggestive scenery in the world, with breathtaking views, such as the passage to ‘Cervara Abbey, to the Bay of Paraggi, the square of Portofino and the wonderful arrival in the gardens to the sea of Santa Margherita Ligure.

To all participants of the International Half Marathon of Two Pearls a warm welcome from the staff organization who, together with the athletes, is aimed to make this event a ‘memorable and spectacular day of sport in the midst of incomparable natural beauties.